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product name: SUISSE PROGRAMME 保存期限 30/06/2022 (6piece) item no.: 000001098902 brand: SUISSE PROGRAMME
function: category: Sets product size: 6 piece
country of origin: Switzerland active from: 2021-10-22 00:00:00



Suisse Programme Cellular Skincare Set
(Eco-friendly boxless edition)(6pcs)

The set contains:

Cellular Aqua Night Cream (Eco-friendly boxless edition)(15ml)
Advanced Cellular Aqua Night Cream deeply hydrates, nourishes, revitalizes various damaged skin cells throughout the night, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, enhance skin radiance, softness and elasticity. The nourishing texture forms a moisture veil to replenish nutrients to skin for all day long.

Cellular Vital Eye Cream (Eco-friendly boxless edition)(7ml)
Silky and creamy, this nourishing eye cream is formulated with the exclusive BCC to boost ATP under skin for a stronger resilience. With nourishing plant extracts, such as euphrasia, shea butter and aloe vera, skin is soothed and smoothened for a firm and radiant complexion on eye contours.

Cellular Aqua Day Cream (Eco-friendly boxless edition

Advanced Cellular Aqua Day Cream deeply hydrates, nourishes, revitalizes skin cells throughout the day, plumps in moisture and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, enhances skin radiance, softness and elasticity. Fresh texture, delicate to apply, quickly absorbed by skin. Restore the skin natural luminosity, make it looks smoother and revitalized once after used.

Cellular Cleansing Milk (Eco-Friendly Boxless Edition) (30ml)
A gentle cleansing milk that invigorates, removes makeup and cleanses all in one go. This enhanced formula is enriched with our new generation proprietary BCC+ Complex to optimize pH balance and the natural sebum film. Skin will not feel dry and tight after cleansing.

Cellular Revitalizing Toner (Eco-friendly boxless edition)(30ml)
Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this lotion swiftly moisturizes skin and promotes resilience. Implementing with calendula and aloe vera, skin is balanced with its pH and soothed for a stable skin condition, promoting the subsequent skincare or makeup routine. Skin hence appears to be supple and smooth.

Cellular Vital Mask (Eco-Friendly Boxless Edition) (15ml)
Anti-aging mask tackles not only one, but full set of your skin problems. Formulated specially for fatigued and dull skin, this essential mask is enriched with advanced exclusive BCC and nourishing aloe vera, leaving skin revitalized and energized.

Common Ingredients:
• BCC (Biodynamic Cellular Complex): boosting ATP in skin and strengthening skin defense

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