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item no.: 108696502003
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specification: 60 piece
functions:Hydrating NourishingBrighteningFirmingAnti-wrinkleAll Skin Type


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product name: SPA TREATMENT SPA Treatment Aging-care Eye Mask 60pcs (60piece) item no.: 108696502003 brand: SPA TREATMENT
function: Hydrating NourishingBrighteningFirmingAnti-wrinkleAll Skin Type category: Eye Mask product size: 60 piece
country of origin: Japan



Spa treatment Aging-care 60pcs, is Japan's innovative anti-aging eye mask, using the HAS (human adipose stem cells), effectively eliminate the traces of aging skin; eyes look younger and more smooth! The main component of the stem cells is the origin of cells. It is a cell with proliferation and differentiation potential, repairing the skin tissue, so effectively repair wrinkles caused by damaged skin cells, and collagen helps the skin to return to normal status, maintain skin elasticity.

Multiple effects:
Glowing tenderness: Contains fermented resveratrol formula, can effectively improve the obvious wrinkles, so that the eye skin is firm and rejuvenated.

Bright white eyes: With placenta and arbutin, effectively inhibit melanin, tackle the dark circles and brighten the eye skin.

Moisturizing: different sizes of moisturizing ingredients, provide enough water to the skin, tackle dry lines, so that the skin is supple and soft.

how to use

1. After using toner, please take out an eye mask; using one hand to hold, another hand to gently pull the eye mask upwards, making the eye mask is fixed under the eye. 2. After 10 minutes, take off the eye mask, massage the covered area gently to absorb the remain beauty ingredients. 3. When use on decree or area around mouth, do not need to pull, just need to apply according to the decree pattern.


1. snake venom (muscle suppression enzyme) + collagen (skin stretch maintenance): Increase skin elasticity 2. Water-soluble collagen + water-decomposing collagen: Strengthen the diffusion power, penetrate the skin stratum corneum, tackle the dryness problem from deep skin. 3. Three peptides: Firming the skin 4.Fermentation of resveratrol: Elimination of inflammation, anti-aging 5.Placenta: Whitening skin, inhibit pigmentation 6.Arbutin: To prevent the formation of dark spots 7.Plantago Extract: Increases skin clarity and elasticity

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